Wyst of the day – An absurdly ambitious bike courier in Shanghai who must be incurring about 10,000 traffic violations


It’s Wyst’s cakeday! And to honor the occasion, here’s an awesome mood map of NYC!

So! A year ago, the original Beta version of Wyst came out on the App Store, and the crazy, absurd, ridiculous adventure that is Wyst officially became a reality.

Over the past year, tens of thousands of users around the world have started using Wyst. From New York to Mexico City, from London to Paris and from Hong Kong to Singapore, the wystosphere is growing every day – and our users are gradually knitting together the secret story of their location through the geotagged content they share.

One of the things we realized over time is that, since our users generally attach an emoticon to the specific story or experience they share, every wyst is a record of what emotion our users were feeling at a particular place & time. So we asked ourselves – wouldn’t it be amazing if we plotted those emotions of a map, and created a mood map for the world, showing which emotions were most prevalent in specific regions?

Well, we thought that was a pretty nifty idea – so our merry band of lunatics inside Wyst’s secret volcano lair decided to do it, starting with New York City & Brooklyn… since Brooklyn is Wyst’s home. So, here it is – in honor of Wyst’s cakeday, a mood map of New York City!

A quick note on methodology, btw – this mood map was created using thousands of wysts that were shared by our users in New York City, which is by far our biggest market. We colored the map based on which neighborhoods overindexed for particular emotions – e.g. we figured out the emotional baseline of New York in general, and then looked at which neighborhoods were more likely to feel a particular emotion than the norm.

This map was really a labor of love – some of the results were awesomely unsurprising (the Financial District, for example, was one of the angriest neighborhoods in the city), while others definitely threw us for a loop (Central Park is mostly SAD???). Check it out, and let us know what you think – do you think your neighborhood’s mood is accurately represented?

Cause if you don’t agree with your neighborhood’s prevalent mood, there is an easy solution: download Wyst and start wysting away in a mad bid to tip your neighborhood’s emotional balance!

From all of us at Wyst, thank you so much for using the app – if it weren’t for you, our users, we wouldn’t be here, having the time of our lives. You are what keeps Wyst going, and what motivates us to make your experience even more awesome every day.

Best of luck, and keep on wysting!

Iker & Yago

PS: Here’s a shoutout to Emory Allen, the kickass designer who crafted a beautiful infographic. Dude is a rockstar.