Wyst 1.4 is now here – check out our new features. They’re the bee’s knees!


          Big news – our mad scientists at Wyst’s secret volcano lair have just released our awesomest version yet!
After months of furious coding, design and introspection – during which we talked to users for hours, stared at beautiful sunsets while musing on the meaning of life, and even visited a huichol shaman in the highlands of Mexico – we are proud to present Wyst 1.4!
It’s the same plucky app you know and love… just way, way better. So much better, in fact, it needs its own 80s sports movie montage. It’s faster, sleeker and, frankly, sexier than ever (the new
purple buttons are HOT). There’s a bunch of new features, too; check out Nudge – it’s the bees’ knees.
So spread the word, sound the trumpets, and tell your friends. The Wystosphere keeps growing every day – and it’s all thanks to you!

         Keep wysting!

         Here’s a look at some of our new features:


The Wyst Nudge

It’s like Pop-up Video, but for the real world. Nudge will notify you when you approach a spot where a friend left a wyst behind. It’s a great way of making random discoveries as you go! Oh – and unlike other apps, Nudge doesn’t use background GPS tracking, so it won’t kill your battery.


Dynamic Radius

We also built a nifty dynamic radius that figures out how much content has been shared around you. If there are lots of wysts close by, the radius will shrink – making sure you always see the most relevant wysts for your location!


Push Notifications

You can now receive push notifications about relevant app activity, such as Facebook or Twitter friends joining Wyst, new followers, and new comments or replies. You can also control which notifications you receive, and how!


User Tutorial – And More!

Last but not least, we designed a short tutorial, so that we can introduce new users to the world of Wyst. Check it out to learn more about what Wyst can do. We’ve also rolled out a bunch of design updates and bug fixes, and made the app much faster. Let us know what you think!