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A lil’ PSA from your friendly neighborhood wysters

Well, our good friends at Mashable just informed the internets that April, as it turns out, is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. We thoroughly enjoy the US government’s amusing penchant for declaring awareness months for pretty much every random cause their constituents can think of – who can forget such glorious examples as Constipation Awareness Month, Mail Order Gardening Month, Pets Are Wonderful Month, or our favorite, Oatmeal Month – but we’ve realized these awareness days are a tad too analog for our frenzied, FaceTwitFourWystGrammed existence. They deserve a much-needed update.

Therefore, I give to you – Wyst’s proposed new digital awareness dates:

  • National Hug Your Social Network Week
  • National Keep-refreshing-Facebook-at-work Month
  • Give Away Your Foursquare Badges To Charity Day
  • Bitch About Facebook’s Latest Redesign Month
  • National Reddit Karma Grab Week
  • Twitter Flamewar Remembrance Day

And dare we suggest… Global Wyst Awareness Month? Meh, might be a stretch. Maybe we can team up with Quaker Oats and launch a National Wyst-your-oatmeal-Day. That oughtta get the attention of Congress.

But we digress (man, we do that a lot). Back to accomplishing our civic duty: kids, April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the wystosphere. So, you know, don’t wyst and drive.

…Just do it in the passenger seat instead.


The Wyst Team