Of auld lang synes and all that jazz

Friends all,


As is the usual wont this time of year, us folk at the secret Wyst volcano lair have taken some time to look back at the events of the year past, reminiscing and looking ahead in equal measure. And we can certainly say that 2012 has been a very, very good year.

A year ago Wyst was nothing more than a glint in Iker and Yago’s eye, a hopefully clever idea that had some legs, and could potentially lead to something interesting. A year on, a ton of progress has been done: Wyst is now a reality, built and designed by an amazing team we had no business stumbling across – and man alive is it a beautiful app. We have shot an incredible promotional video, traveled the world speaking to users and investors, and been featured on a bunch of media publications. Wyst has now been downloaded by thousands of users across more than 65 countries, and these users have created thousands and thousands of wysts more. And it’s you we are most thankful for: our users.

When we first decided to take the leap and build Wyst, we had absolutely no reason to assume that our fine little app would be interesting for anyone beyond us and our mom. We didn’t know if the app would be worth anyone’s time, if it would be attractive enough for people to take time off their hectic, FacebookTwitterFoursquareized lives and try it for a bit. Well, it now seems we were wrong – and Wyst really might be something quite special.

Looking forward to 2012, we have a ton of stuff we’re working on – there’s a new version of the app that will come out over the next couple of weeks, and it has a bunch of new features we’re excited about. We’re also thinking up some crazy, far-out ideas that we plan to roll out over the upcoming months – all in the hope of making Wyst as awesome an app as we can. Stick around!

As we’ve always said – we’re good people, like you, who want to share our world with the world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Best wishes,

The Wyst Team