New Wyst version ready for download in the App Store!

Dear fellow Wysters,

Guess what? It’s that time of the year! Yes indeed, yes indeed! It’s the time of the year when we introduce a new Wyst version full of goodies and surprises. What sort of new things we have added to the little bundle of joy ready for you to download for free from the App Store? Well, we are glad you ask! Here’s a little list of the main changes you will find in what is now called v1.2:

* High quality pictures: yes, our last version had a little bug that displayed pictures in lower resolution! Grrrr! We know, that sucked! So we made sure to fix it so that the pictures you enjoy and the ones you share look as crisp as they should.

* Link sharing: up until now you could share notes of text and pictures, but we felt something lacked. What if you were looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and wanted to share its full history? Well, you would need the web to help you out! Now you can share a link to an article in Wikipedia, say, or another source, for fellow Wysters to access so that they can know more about what you are sharing. The possibilities are endless!

* Automatic picture saving to the gallery: wait, you were creating a photo wyst and the line dropped, causing you to lose the picture you had taken through the app? No problem, now it will be waiting for you at the iPhone gallery, safe and sound, for you to try wysting it again.

* Map optimization: got lost checking out other wysts around the world and need to come back to where you are? Just press a button and presto! you are back. Don’t know if there are wysts somewhere specific in the map? The app will now tell you, fast!

* Location optmization: we know that the geographic techies in you will miss having the coordinates of lattitude and longitude displayed on the app for those wysts whose creator didn’t specify a specific location, but for the rest of you, you will now know exactly where that wyst was taken in terms of address, city and country. Want more? Well, the locations list now displays the full address of each, so that you can select which Starbucks you are wysting from from among the 3 that are around you.

* Friends changes: we have fittingly placed all the Friends info in the Friends tab so that it’s easy for you to see what they are doing and invite other ones.

But that’s not it! There are several more changes and fixes we made, but it’s up to you to discover them as you wyst away with the new version. We hope you’ll like it!


The Wyst Team