Promotional video shoot!

This Friday, September 30th, between 11:30 and 16:00, we will be shooting a promotional video for Wyst. The shoot will take place in Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, between Driggs and Bedford.

It’s going to be a crazy experience, a first in Wyst’s brief history, but one that will undoubtedly be  a lot of fun. If you want to see some members of the Wyst team doing crazy cameos, you are welcome to drop by. The shoot will also be an opportunity for passersby to see the kind of things that they can share with their world by using Wyst on their iPhones, but we don’t want to give away the surprise, so come on down and enjoy this shoot with us, which will be an experience in and of itself. To those of you who won’t be able to join us, don’t fret, we will have the video on Youtube soon, up and running for your viewing pleasure.

All the best,

The Wyst Team


Wyst of the Day

Don’t forget that every day, that on the page Wyst of the Day we highlight a random wyst from a random user around the world. In that page you can see a daily feed of the type of wysts that people share, from music concerts to funny anecdotes witnessed first hand, to great pictures and random quirkiness.

Who knows? Your own wyst might be there on the list, so keep on wysting!


The Wyst Team


Our first week online

It’s been over 7 days since Wyst came off the programming kitchen and into the hands of users all over the world. No one could anticipate how our little app would fare. What if some users found it a little undercooked? Worse, overcooked? With so many things going on in the Wyst kitchen, squashing bugs, planning the new updates, preparing new builds, listing upcoming features, broader international reach and some problems with a messy stapler, anything could happen. Doom clouds hovered next to sunny rays. And yet, we all had faith…

Cue 7 days later and with hundreds of app downloads from the App Store and more than 100 followers on Facebook the dark clouds are giving way to clear skies and we couldn’t feel more pumped and relieved to see that what we have prepared so far has got good reception. Wyst creation has reached high levels, with all sorts of messages, experiences, ideas, photos, moments and feelings shared across the Wystosphere. Exciting stuff!

Little by little Wyst is making a small presence in the world and we can only thank you for following us, reading us, downloading us, sharing your content and discovering more through the app. We promise not to serve you something your palate would not approve, as long as you keep on telling us how cooked you want your app.

The Wyst Team