The cost of creating

Thank you for your comments and suggestions, please keep them coming! Some of you have been reaching out to us with feedback, tips and bugs you’ve spotted – thanks so much for the input! There is a new version of the app coming out this week which will tweak some sneaky little bugs you’ve helped us notice, so definitely make sure to download the update.

In our quest of delivering you the best app ever, we will run into little annoying bugs from time to time, so please let us know whenever you spot them so that we can squish them. It’s at times like this that we wish we had some sort of virtual bug swatter! Maybe that will be the idea for our next app…

The Wyst team



Great wysts!

Wyst users are creating some pretty cool wysts all around the world. From a great picture of the Mediterranean sea to a historic note of a landmark in Mexico City. Some are true gems.

Keep it up! We will be displaying the best each week on the Facebook page. Yours could be on display there!

The Wyst team

Wyst: 24 hours later

Great news!


Wyst has been in the App Store 24 hours and already users from all over the world have downloaded the app. USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Hong Kong, only to name a few, are among the countries that have represented the most Wyst activity so far.

It’s exciting to see the app moving forward as users share their world by creating all sorts of content from all walks of life.

The Wyst team wishes to thank you for this amazing response and invite you to keep sharing your world and discovering that of others through Wyst.

Happy Wysting!

The Wyst Team

Download Wyst now!

Wyst has been finally unveiled at the App Store! Please download it for free today!

At the beginning there may be little content in your area, but as Wyst grows and people adopt it, there will be more. You could also be the first where you are to share photos and notes in your location and spread the word with your friends!

We hope you like the app. Our codesmiths and wizards have worked hard and are celebrating the app listing in their own mystical and century-old manner as we speak.

The Wyst team

Welcome to Wyst!

Wyst is a like a new kind of message in a bottle: it’s a fun app that enables you to share cool moments, random musings, unique tidbits and interesting experiences by capturing them on a photo or text note and tagging them to a location for others to find. The idea came to us from a simple question:

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to freeze this moment in time, in this place, so that when someone else passes by this same spot they can find it and experience it themselves?”

Thus began our quest to build something that would allow people to do just that – leading to the creation of the app that will soon be online at the iTunes App Store and in the future available for all smartphones.

Wyst is an ever-evolving product, carefully handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York. In true Brooklyn tradition, we use only the finest locally-sourced, free-range, organic bits, ones and zeroes in all of the land. Our code is received fresh daily from a secretive cabal of artisanal codesmiths whose advanced coding techniques have been passed along from father to son through generations (it’s a vanishing art, really). No computers were harmed in the development of this app – save for one very feisty iPhone that misbehaved and who, frankly, kinda had it coming.

We hope you will enjoy Wyst as much as we have enjoyed creating it and using it ourselves. We put a ton of effort into it and hope you find it useful in some way – so share away! We are good people, like you, who want to share our world with the world.

We’d love to hear from you about Wyst – so please do not hesitate to share any views, ideas, criticisms, opinions, secret cooking recipes or plans for world domination. To reach us for any matter, just drop us a line at

Alternatively, if you find yourself thinking: “Wyst rocks – I should get in on this,” and want to talk about how you can contribute, you can reach us at We’re definitely looking for good people to join us in our merry (and rather insane) adventure!

And last but not least – if you’re a media representative who would like to talk to us about the story of Wyst and our future plans, contact us at Just don’t ask us about our users’ secret cooking recipes or their plans for world domination.

If you want to know more, you can also reach us at:



Twitter: @Wystit

All right, enough said. Have fun, and remember: if you see it, if you experience it, if you know it, if you have it, Wyst It!

The Wyst Team